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Kids yoga

Have you ever been to outer space? Or walked with the dinosaurs? Explore our yoga for kids collection of videos and discover a world filled with fun practices designed to make your child stronger and more flexible, both physically and mentally. With kids' busy lives, they're often overscheduled, hopping from one activity to the next.

Give your child a relaxing break and help them to build beneficial skills. Our kids yoga videos are a practice of living well in the world for your child. Postures are but a minor aspect as your child is engaged through storytelling, positive affirmations, creative visualizations and most of all, silliness.

Yoga for kids is a perfect method for developing physical, social and mental well being. All that a parent could want for a child. It allows your child to develop all of the skills of a sport, but it takes competition completely out of the equation.

The emphasis is on the process and not the outcome and is one of the few activities in a child's life where there's no pressure to score the goal, pass the exam, or win the trophy.

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Watch our kids yoga online videos to help your child cultivate a sense of non-judgment and acceptance for themselves and for others.

Attention is given to what the body and mind are doing at the present moment, nurturing a quality of peace from within. As a result, they learn that yoga looks different in everyone and every body. You child will learn to trust themselves, as they take control and choose whether to challenge themselves or pull back and set their own limits - a quality that will deeply impact them as they grow older. Yoga builds character and develops the whole self, while teaching inner strength and patience.

And the best part of all? It's fun! Kids Have you ever been to outer space? Read More.Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a fit future.

Bridge Pose can be whatever you need—energizing, rejuvenating, or luxuriously restorative. Savasana is a pose of total relaxation—making it one of the most challenging. Blow off some steam, wake up your face, and lighten up your practice in silly Simhasana.

Bestselling author Mariam Gates shares breathing techniques to help children manage their emotions through playful illustrations. This sequence, created by Yoga Foster founder Nicole Cardoza, encourages kids to be brave, own their bodies, and speak up for what they need. Wild Awakening founder Michael Jaidev DeNicola shares reconnecting our children with nature could save the planet.

Try preempting it with yoga to help them cope and transition to the next phase with ease.

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Try these five strategies to prepare yourself for a successful, fun-filled class. While anxiety is natural, yoga and breathing techniques can help students handle the pressures associated with peers, workload and making the grade. Try these 9 yoga tools with your kids for a stress-free start to the semester.

So this week, in honor of Mother's Day, we are offering our best tips for making it work. Poses by Anatomy. Poses by Level. The Yoga for You. Types of Poses. Yoga Sequences.

Yoga by Benefit. Yoga for Beginners. Intermediate Yoga. Advanced Yoga.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Each pose and is illustrated, Kids Yoga Training helps relaxing, fitness, focusing, and developing children's autonomy. This yoga course is specifically designed for kids. As parents, yoga is a good gift you can give to your children: poses here promote physical strength because kids learn to use all of their muscles in new ways.

Whether a pose is done standing, sitting, or lying down, each one can challenge various muscle groups while helping a child become aware of his body and how it efficiently functions. Kids Yoga Training app provides a safe environment for kids to learn popular fitness routines, builds confidence, and can be done anytime—, day or night, rain or shine.

Healthy, physically active kids also are more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful. And physical competence builds self-esteem at every age. Give a child you love a gift that will promote success in every area of their life—now and in the future. Now you can keep track of your yoga workout on the calendar and create alarms for the days and hours you want to perform a training program.

Features : - Support all Screens - Free and Simple - Many Yoga Poses - Workout Log - Set Reminder - Workouts at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels - Animated demonstrations with detailed descriptions and freeze frames - Alternative bodyweight exercises are provided with any activity that requires a piece of equipment or machine. This yoga course is designed for enhance strength and flexibility of your kids' joint.

Moves are gentle without injury risk. Meanwhile yoga workout helps stimulate growing zones and help your children's grow.

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I hope that it is useful for improve your health and fitness. If you like this app, please rate for us 5 star to support us improve it better. Thanks so much! Reviews Review Policy. View details.Use our kids yoga teacher training in your home, classroom, yoga studio, and medical practice.

Because it matters.

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Click here to learn more! Why YogaKids? Because a YogaKids class is not like any other yoga for kids class. A YogaKids class is unique, active, and fun! Our YogaKids Teachers blend the benefits of yoga with games, reading, math, science, art, and more!

kids yoga

Furthermore, a YogaKids class reaches the learning style of each and every child. This organization has training that will blow your mind! The amount of creativity, support, ideas, guidance, tenderness and enthusiasm from this entire company is limitless.

My business would not be where it is today without YKI. Within the 9 months I took to complete my at-home-practicum, I earned more than enough income to cover all of the expenses of my kids yoga certification. Read more testimonials…. Help your kids feel beautiful, loving, kind, brave, happy, strong, smart and more!

Use the games included or find additional games, printable pose cards and coloring pages here. I use it as my own personal mat for class, and the kids love looking at the various animals and reading the affirmations to me!

In this fun YogaKids lesson plan we will explore We'd love to tell you more about our one-of-kind program! Thanks for signing up! We respect your privacy. Your information is safe and will never be shared. Email us at chatwithus yogakids. Click "Dismiss" to view top menu and to login!

Account Home Login. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Got any questions? Ask us anything! What our Teachers are saying about YogaKids!First, the understatement of the year: kids have a lot of energy.

American families are living overloaded, stressful lives—and that goes for both the parents and the kids. Between their high-energy buzz and their jam-packed schedules, modern kids are under mounting pressure to perform and succeed.

How are they doing it? One word: Yoga. In the past ten years, the popularity of kids yoga has been rising steadily. What are the benefits of yoga for kids? Yoga allows kids to bring more awareness to their emotions, discovering how to recognize and control them. And most importantly, it gets them to move their bodies.

Amen to that. These inflatable options encourage good posture while keeping the body active and the mind engaged. Who knew sitting could be so much fun? We did. Rhetorical question. And for the kiddos who are ready to roll out the mat, we have a collection of cute and sassy kids yoga mats. Sized just right for kids five- to eight-years-old, our grippy, no-slip mats keep little ones grounded in cobra, soaring in eagle, and sleepy in savasana.

All of our kids yoga mats are latex-free, as well as free of the the six most harmful phthalates, and feature fun patterns and prints that jazz up any kids yoga class.

kids yoga

And speaking of kids yoga class: for parents who want their tinies to try yoga at home, our Yoga For Kids DVDs bring you fun, safe instruction in the comfort of your living room. With classes like Outer Space Blastoff, Dino-Mite Adventure, and Classic Balance Ball, your little ones will get their bodies moving and their imaginations soaring with simple and fun instruction from kids yoga teachers Jodi Komitor and Madeleine Lewis.

Menu 0. Meditation Seating Cushions Bolsters Chairs. Kids Balance Cushion Jr. Kids Mr. Yoga for Kids with our Kids Yoga Collection First, the understatement of the year: kids have a lot of energy. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more ….Our children live in a hurry-up world of busy parentsschool pressures, incessant lessons, video games, malls, and competitive sports.

We usually don't think of these influences as stressful for our kids, but often they are. The bustling pace of our children's lives can have a profound effect on their innate joy—and usually not for the better. I have found that yoga can help counter these pressures. When children learn techniques for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment, they can navigate life's challenges with a little more ease.

Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that's noncompetitive. Fostering cooperation and compassion —instead of opposition—is a great gift to give our children.

Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strengthcoordination, and body awareness.

kids yoga

In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Doing yoga, children exercise, play, connect more deeply with the inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them. Yoga brings that marvelous inner light that all children have to the surface.

When yogis developed the asanas many thousands of years ago, they still lived close to the natural world and used animals and plants for inspiration—the sting of a scorpion, the grace of a swan, the grounded stature of a tree. When children imitate the movements and sounds of nature, they have a chance to get inside another being and imagine taking on its qualities.

When they assume the pose of the lion Simhasana for example, they experience not only the power and behavior of the lion, but also their own sense of power: when to be aggressive, when to retreat. The physical movements introduce kids to yoga's true meaning: union, expression, and honor for oneself and one's part in the delicate web of life.

Yoga with children offers many possibilities to exchange wisdom, share good times, and lay the foundation for a lifelong practice that will continue to deepen. All that's needed is a little flexibility on the adult's part because, as I quickly found out when I first started teaching the practice to preschoolers, yoga for children is quite different than yoga for adults.

Six years ago, I had my first experience teaching yoga to kids at a local Montessori school. I looked forward to the opportunity with confidence—after all, I'd been teaching yoga to adults for quite a while, had two young children of my own, and had taught creative writing for several years in various Los Angeles schools.

But after two classes with a group of 3 to 6-year-olds, I had to seriously reevaluate my approach. I needed to learn to let go the very practice I had been preaching for years of my agenda and my expectations of what yoga is and is not. When I began to honor the children's innate intelligence and tune in to how they were instructing me to instruct them, we began to co-create our classes. We used the yoga asanas as a springboard for exploration of many other areas—animal adaptations and behavior, music and playing instruments, storytelling, drawing—and our time together became a truly interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Together we wove stories with our bodies and minds in a flow that could only happen in child's play.

The kids began to call me Mrs. Yoga, and I called them Yoga Kids. We continued to work and play together until our creations bloomed into a program called YogaKids. The program combines yogic techniques designed especially for children using Dr. Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner, an author and professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, describes eight intelligences innate in all of us—linguistic, logical, visual, musical, kinesthetic, naturalistic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal—and emphasizes that children should be given the opportunity to develop and embody as many of these as possible.

In keeping with this theory, YogaKids integrates storytelling, games, music, language, and other arts into a complete curriculum that engages the "whole child. Most of all, our program engages the entire mind, body, and spirit in a way that honors all the ways children learn. If you're planning to teach yoga to kids, there are a few general things to know that will enhance your experience.

The greatest challenge with children is to hold their attention long enough to teach them the benefits of yoga: stillness, balance, flexibility, focus, peace, grace, connection, health, and well-being. Luckily, most children love to talk, and they love to move—both of which can happen in yoga. Children will jump at the chance to assume the role of animals, trees, flowers, warriors.

kids yoga

Your role is to step back and allow them to bark in the Dog Pose, hiss in the cobra, and meow in cat stretch. They can also recite the ABCs or s as they are holding poses.I never fully realized the magic of yoga until I started letting my youngest do yoga with me before bed.

Without fail, she falls asleep almost immediately after doing yoga. Now that I've seen the light, I encourage all of my kids to participate in yoga. Admittedly, my type of class vinyasa flow isn't all that kid friendly, so I turned to YouTube for some more whimsical yoga.

This short and sweet 9 minute kids yoga video is a good way to get your kids to quiet down before bed or at any other time during the day. This video is very much geared towards kids about four to seven years of age. With an instructor who's like your slightly off-kilter English great-aunt, it's great fun for your kids! This 16 minute video is voice narrated by a woman, but it's visually guided by a little cartoon boy.

All you need is an internet connection, YouTube, and some floorspace for your family to practice to their favorite kids yoga video. If you want a more complete offer, check out our roundup of yoga dvds for kids or join an online yoga studio like Grokker. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Click here to learn more. The video is short, so even kids who aren't that interested in yoga can make it through it.

The poses are engaging and have cute names seashell versus child's pose. The teacher doesn't seem like she's been around kids very much, using phrases like "utliize the core".

The sound quality isn't that great. There are 10 children involved, encouraging more engagement from your child. The instrutor moves slowly through the poses, so even inexperienced children can follow along well. The background is a bit distracting to adults, but kids won't seem to mind it. Despite the instructor's jovial personality, you can tell she's memorized a script and her instructions are a bit mechanical.

At 52 minutes long, this could be a bit too long for younger yogis. The voice instructions tell little yogis how each standing posture benefits them and makes them stronger. The postures' Sanskrit names are used, exposing kids to a different language.

7 Best Yoga Videos for Kids on Youtube

The video goes through the entire sun salutation, the root of a yoga practice. There's a lot of microadjustments, so this could be too much for little kids. The narrator talks about "toning" muscles; this will be above most kids' heads. This Star Wars centered yoga practice is perfect for kids of all ages!

The host is extremely engaging for kids. I even got sucked in! The Star Wars story will appeal to both boys and girls, especially kids growing up in a Star Wars household. The postures are creatively synced with Star Wars.